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Old methods waste a lot of time. So, search with new style resumes, power letters, and new concepts for interviewing. For those seeking $50K to $500K, this is the world’s most comprehensive course.

20 ways we make job hunting easier.

You’ll know your market and where the jobs are.

You can follow our game plan formula... and reduce trial and error.

You can copy our new style resumes for maximum impact.

You can use multiple resumes for added activity.

Using one of our biographies will help you project more value.

Our amazing letter samples can save you a lot of letter-writing time.

Our impressive solutions help people overcome major concerns.

If you are unemployed, follow our specific track of actions.

If you are 40+, you will want to use some of our age-related strategies.

Our list of fast growing industries can be a strong source for ideas.

You can use our direct mail formula to target the right people.

With recruiters, the right phone strategy can be a big help.

If you have poor references, see our ideas for turning them around.

Using our 10 new ways to answer ads often brings better results.

Consider our new and faster ideas for networking.

Using our ways to get more leads to private jobs can be essential.

People can use our scripts to set phone interviews with greater ease.

When others speak highly of you, move quickly to build your relationship.

Being able to read personalities can be a major key to producing more offers.

You can build more chemistry, charisma & likability with greater speed.

You can build more chemistry, charisma & likability.

Major areas covered in our course.


  • Avoid the 10 key mistakes.
  • The new job market.
  • Raising your marketability.
  • Uncovering private jobs.
  • New ways to find leads.
  • Faster-growing industries.
  • Phone power.
  • Creating your own job.
  • Power letters.
  • Major resume mistakes.
  • New style resumes.
  • Key skills in demand.
  • Contemporary resumes.
  • Selling your personality.
  • Using sponsored letters.
  • Ideal body language.
  • Changing personalities.
  • Questions to handle.
  • Interviewing essentials.
  • Interviewing essentials.
  • Be great at videos.
  • Handling any objection.
  • Selling skills w/stories.
  • Selling leadership skills.
  • Negotiating a higher offer.

  • Factors to negotiate.
  • Checking out employers.
  • If a new job is a mistake.
  • Handling unemployment.
  • Options for educators.
  • No degree.
  • Searching in secrecy.
  • Poor references.
  • Financing a search.
  • Executive careers.
  • Working from home.
  • Handling liabilities.


  • l Projecting the right image.
  • Finding part time jobs.
  • Careers @ $100-$500K.
  • Careers after a family.
  • Too many job changes.
  • Advice for specialists.
  • Advice for generalists.
  • Best photos for resumes.
  • U.S. growth firms.
  • Too long in an industry?
  • Ex-entrepreneur?
  • How to fix a bad search.


You can activate this self directed online course from any location. Group instruction can also be an option.

The Author. Robert James Gerberg has authored 15 books including: The Professional Job Changing System, An Easier Way to Change Jobs, $100,000 & Above and others. Over $550 million of his books & services have been sold by his firms, licensees & partners. Initially an Air Force Officer, he later became a VP Marketing. He has a BA from Colgate, an MBA from Pittsburgh and studies at MIT, sponsored by PepsiCo.

Our New Science Covers Over 100 Subjects. Here Are A Few.

  • Insight on our new concepts. Millions use older ways, but 30,000,000 now circulate resumes.
  • Major mistakes others make. Relatively few are fully educated on how to market themselves.
  • The two job markets. Public openings are advertised. Private openings are not. Learn ways to find both.
  • How to raise your marketability. Sell your assets, skills and experience factors with new style resumes.
  • Best ways to answer ads. Review and evaluate the 10 ways for answering ads with greater success.
  • How to find leads to unadvertised jobs. These are reported online and in local and national media.
  • Making the most of recruiters. Many look for talent at $60K to $150K and above. See how to maximize activity.
  • New style networking. Review our new ideas for networking those “you know” and those you “do not know.”
  • How to job hunt in a recession. Unemployment rates are not a measure of your job market
  • How to create your own job. Present yourself as a solution to a problem or a way to help with an opportunity.
  • New style resumes. P & G gets 1,000,000 resumes/year. Apple 4,200,000. New resume styles work.
  • What your biography can mean? When you see your biography, you will feel a new level of excitement.
  • Use the right photos on resumes. The right angle? Should you smile? Your posture. See our range of selections.
  • The quick response resume. Move text to the right of a page and pen a short note on the left. It works.
  • Narrative resumes. Letter-resumes are more personal, and have been soaring in popularity.
  • Best creative packages. A client could not get interviews. Compare his old resume to our 5 new presentations.
  • Handling questions. Avoid hesitancy and prepare. Can you answer “tell me about yourself?” ...& 50 others.
  • Selling your personality. Do employers want to know your personality? You bet they do! Here’s what to do.
  • Top executive career changes. See the dozen biggest career changes executives make.
  • How to handle age concerns. Demand for seniors keeps growing but the right mix of skills are vital.
  • Building a will to succeed. Expectations are important.
  • Athletes, when asked about success, often say, “we expected all along we would win.”
  • More people are using multiple resumes—as top candidates rarely rely on one ad

For more information, call Career @ 1-877-576 9997 or email best wishes—Gordon Edwards

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